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About The Show

H&F Redefined presents "Brand New Day," an online talk show produced by the team at Be Well TV, and hosted by Laura and Gladi. The show offers its audience inspiring personal interviews with the H&F Innovators, bringing their brand stories to life. Learn more about their journey, gain their business advice, and find out what their latest offerings are.

In addition, enjoy educational masterclasses lead by established industry experts specializing in services and products benefitting new entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

For anyone with a REDEFINED story, we're committed to entertaining you with education, light-hearted discussion, and a feeling of community as you embark on your "Brand New Day." -

Episode 1:

From Furlough to Innovation

H&F Redefined announce their newest platform and partnership with Be Well TV. 

Watch here for their interview with CEO of Be Well TV, Heidi Brumbauch, and the official name and concept for their new show. 

Episode 2:

Welcome to a Brand New Day

Laura and Gladi discuss what it means to be furloughed, and their goal for bringing attention to the innovators that have redefined following their furlough. Hear the H&F brand developments, and get the scoop on one of the ladies job announcements heard here first!

Episode 3:

From Furlough to Candle Creator, Walleska Rodriguez

Hosts Gladi and Laura talk with Walleska Rodriguez, who was furloughed in the hospitality industry due to the pandemic. Walleska talks about her new brand, 3 Daisies Candle Co. and how her journey has been starting up her own small business. Walleska also gives advice and tips on how to start up your own company.

Episode 4:

Hospitality Insights

It's been a year since many people in the hospitality industry were furloughed. Many of those people have redefined themselves and discovered a new career. Laura and Gladi talk about the positive outcomes that resulted from the pandemic

Episode 5:

Continuing to Innovate with Zac Crump

Laura and Gladi talk with Zac Crump, a hospitality industry professional specializing in project management, resources, training development, and more. Zac's life took a turn when the pandemic hit, but he has innovated and found ways to keep himself busy and growing in his business. They discuss methods to help the industry get back to normal


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