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5 Expert Tips For Exploring and Supporting Your Local Community

The Florida Comeback team shares insight on how to support local businesses and attractions in a safe, fun, and practical way

Although the state of Florida is known to be opening back up and safely advancing towards pioneering a post-pandemic infrastructure, many people are still uncertain of how they can safely leave their homes to enjoy life, while supporting the local businesses in their communities at the same time. This gap in resources and information is what sparked the concept and need for the inception of The Florida Comeback. The creators, four Orlando hospitality and tourism professionals have combined efforts to build out an experience-driven tutorial on their Instagram page, hyperfocused on how to explore Florida and the businesses that make it special.

We asked the team to share their expert advice for a few ways on how to stay connected and supportive of the local community you are in that feels safe, practical, and of course fun!

Here's what they said:

5 tips on how to explore your local community

1.) Buy Local, but Also Buy SMALL "We are all about supporting hospitality through purchases but this doesn't necessarily mean a full-on meal (though we love that too). You can purchase sauces, dressings, and other smaller items directly from the restaurant to help support them as well."-TFC

2. Take the Time to Leave Reviews "Leaving reviews or posting to your social media pages and tagging hospitality businesses is always a free, easy, and impactful action to take. Hospitality needs all the love and support they can get right now, and reviews can take businesses to the next level." -TFC

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