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5 Expert Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Stephanie Green and Brittany Collins of Socialite Events Offer Their Professional Insight On How to Begin Your Wedding Planning Process

Though the hospitality industry has been forced to take a devastating turn due to the pandemic, the wedding market has begun to gain traction and finally getting a comeback. The #loveisnotcancelled mentality, still has couples eagerly anticipating their perfect wedding day. We asked Orlando wedding planners, Stephanie Green and Brittany Collins of Socialite Events what type of advice they would offer up to couples that are just getting started in the planning process.

Here are their 5 tips on how to begin your wedding planning process:

1.) Book your wedding planner early - Even if you are hiring a day or month-of coordinator and not partial or full design! Wedding planners have relationships with so many vendors in your area and are able to help guide you in the right direction from the very start. This keeps you from spending countless hours googling vendors and hoping they are reputable. Planners receive preferred partner pricing that they can pass on to their couples! Book them early and they can save you time and money!

2.) Know Your Budget- Be realistic and have conversations with each other and your families. This helps you to piece together every other aspect of your wedding including guest list, venue selection, entertainment, menu, décor, and everything in between. It sets you up for success from the start and ensures everyone involved is on the same page!

3.) Find your style- If you begin planning with an idea for the style of wedding you want to have, it will help narrow down the search for venue, florist, dress.

4.) Prioritize- This goes hand in hand with your budget but it’s important to write down what is most important to you and your significant other. Is it the food and music? Is it the location and the florals? Is it your guest count and your photobooth? Having this front of mind when planning will help you stick to your budget and make decision making easier. Fun Fact: Wedding Guests will always remember the food and the music at your wedding!

5.) Start Your Guest List (and don’t forget to ask your family for theirs!). It’s all about being preparing and managing expectations. Knowing how many people are attending your celebration will help guide your budget, venue selection, and catering.

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