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5 Easy Tips to Consider Before Starting Your Own Baking Business

Pro-Tips Provided by Baker and Designer Karina Ferrage of Karina's Confectioneries

We asked cake designer, Karina Ferrage to share her advice on what five pieces of advice she would share with anyone considering starting their own business. She says with a little bit of support and knowing your worth, you can do anything. Here are her five tips:

1) Find your niche

We all have a talent in something, it's just a matter of finding the thing that clicks for you.

2) Collaborate

Don't be afraid to reach out to people whose work you admire for advice.

3) Network

Make friends with your local community of small businesses, they can be a great

source of support even if you're in different industries.

4) Don't let fear rule you

It's totally ok to be afraid when starting something new, just don't let the fear paralyze you and keep you from pursuing your passion if it's something you really want to do

5) Know your worth

It's very important to know your worth. Only you know how much effort, time, and

money you've put into your business and it's up to you to set the standards and

boundaries for your business. Don't be afraid to charge prices that are

commensurate with the amount of work you put into your craft. If you don't value

your product or your time, no one else will. The right customer will come along

and be willing to pay you for what you're worth.

Follow Karina at www.karinasconfectioneries.com and on Instagram @karinas.confectioneries


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