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5 "Goodie" Insights on What Sets a Baker Up For Success

ORLANDO, FLA-For Ilia Melendez, owner of Goodies by Ilia, the ability to juggle it all is second nature to her after over a decade working in the hospitality industry. As an event professional, she was accustom to starting her day with a plan, and seeing it go off course within hours based on customer needs, operational demands, or "drop everything now" types of requests. So after the pandemic hit, and she found herself furloughed from her bustling day to day, she quickly transitioned those flexible skills into a new venture that combined hustle with her love for baking and sweet treats. Now, as one of Orlando's, newest local bakers, she's streamlined her processes in an apron, and graciously with H&F Redefined what she's learned to set herself up for success for the business, and her customers.

Here's what she said:

5 "Goodie" Insights on

What Sets a Baker Up For Success

1.) Give It Your All

It is important to give it you're all to everything you do in life. I love to eat, bake and cook. I give it my all when I am in the kitchen. I bake with love and passion. I love the way people feel when they try all the different goodies I offer. -I.M.

2.) Be Organized & Plan Ahead

I think in life it’s very important to be organized and to plan ahead. When it comes to baking I am extremely organized. I like to do inventory every few days to make sure I have everything I need for my weekly orders. I like to bake in the mornings, I wake up make my coffee, and start with a plan on what I am going to do first. This helps me to have all the ingredients prepared before you start working some magic in the kitchen. -I.M.

3.) Customers-Order in Advance

Order in advance with enough notice to your baker. I understand we all get busy with the day to day activities and responsibilities but if you are in need of some goodies, please make sure you reach out to your baker with enough time. We want to make sure we have enough time to perfect each order we receive. The more time we have to prepare your special item the better - I.M.

4.) Word of Mouth Referrals are STILL Important

For years, word of mouth has been a way to promote businesses. They say one happy client gives you many more clients. I have to say that in 2021, this is not the exception. Most small businesses depend on it. If you love a small business please make sure you share the love with your family and friends. All businesses, including bakers, love referrals. Tell your family and friends about goodies by Ilia. -I.M.

5.) Quality Tools are Key

The love and passion when you are creating something special are as important as the ingredients and materials. I strive to use the best, I have a kitchen aid mixer and it is the best!! I love to use a cooling rack instead of putting the baking goods on a random plate. The form turns out like pure perfection. I like to use a small cookie scoop for the goodies, the cookies are perfect when I use them. These items really take your baking to the next level and will produce top-notch goodies. -I.M.

To learn more about Goodies by Ilia, and how her business began, read her Light Bulb Moment Interview on our blog.


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