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Angela Hesemann and Kim Carlson Have Boxed Up 3 Suggestions For Building an Engaged Brand

Denver hotel event professionals, Angela Hesemann and Kim Carlson, CMP, have both always found passion in creating memorable and experience-driven food and beverage offerings for their customers. In their previous roles, they were able to bring this element of their work to life within hotel conference and event spaces, working alongside professional culinarians and banquet leaders. However with the turn of "events" (pun intended) that the pandemic presented in 2020 for the hospitality industry, both of these ladies found themselves without a job, and without a vehicle to channel and execute their talents.

When we [H&F] first interviewed Angela and Kim, it wasn't long that the four of us realized there were several parallels to our journeys as duo teams. Best friends, hoteliers, event leaders, foodies, creatives, and yes that infamous "F" word-FURLOUGHED. However the parallels don't end there, because just like us, Hesemann and Carlson are driven, self-starters, motivated, and simply refuse to quit without a fight. We spell it out on our homepage ...

"So what do two highly passionate, driven, creative, and stubborn career gals do when they find themselves in professional hardship? Team up, persevere and REDEFINE the circumstances." - Gladi & Laura

Team up, persevere, and redefine, is exactly what Angela and Kim did when they decided to start BreakAway Meetings, LLC creating custom event packages. Each package and box is customized and delightfully filled with hand-selected food, beverage, and activity options for virtual and/or hybrid conference attendees to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. We love that these founders figured out a way to use their skills, their knowledge, and their experience to carve out a new path to continue on with their passionate craft.

Though not always easy, and a lot of key learnings along the way, they've built a successful business model that organically flexes as needed to meet the current demand.

“Angela and I, having worked in events for so long… were shocked that these virtual events aren’t providing any of the experiences that event guests would receive in hotels”

We asked the new entrepreneurs to share a few suggestions and insight on what they've learned through the process of building their business. Here's what they had to say,

3 Suggestions For Building an Engaged Brand

1.) Keep Your Team Engaged:

In the virtual world we're living in today, it's so important to mix things up and make sure that they feel appreciated. A custom box sent directly to their home is an excellent way to make them excited about their job! A little goes a long way to make somebody feel appreciated.

2.) Be Open to Anything:

When we started our business this past summer, we thought it would go in a very different direction than it has. By listening to the comments of our clients and hearing more of what people want, rather than what we thought they wanted, we were able to learn so much and pivot our business even further to include offerings that are more relevant to what companies are looking for. We never say no when a client asks for something in their box. We're always open to hunting down new vendors & products and that has won us more business than anything else we've done.

3.) Be Sure to Take Time For Yourself Every Day:

Whether it's a 20-minute walk around your neighborhood, a 5-minute meditation session, taking 15 minutes to make a healthy lunch - whatever your "you time" looks like - just do it. It is okay to step away from your desk, your work will still be there when you get back. Our boxes have customizable activities to make sure that you can take your mind off of work, even if it's just for a few moments.

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