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5 Game Plays Hotel Banquet Leaders Should Adopt

Football season has officially come to a close, and although each coach, player, a sports network, and viewer fumbled their way through it during a pandemic, they made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Despite a lot of adversity and controversy over the risks, both the collegiate and pro leagues adapted accordingly. The football season offered fans all over the nation a tiny hint of familiarity to see players in pads and helmets execute a game that represents so much tradition and nostalgia.

Think about all the work that went into executing every single game to ensure the loyal fans or the “customers,” had the best viewing experience possible: The piped-in crowd noise, the cut-outs in the stands, the choreographed halftime shows, and virtual engagements. There was so much work to keep the experience alive, and competitive.

Isn’t that also one of the biggest struggles for the events industry right now? Everyone is ready to get back in the game, and hotel banquet teams, specifically, have a lot to prepare for. There is certainly a lot at stake in order to be competitive and creative when the flood gates open amongst a sea of inventory fighting for the same business.

Will they be ready? Will they be trained? Will they be differentiated? Will they remember to deliver an experience? We know the playbooks were written months ago by the big hotel brands, however, can planners feel comfortable that they’ve been read and the guidelines will be executed in an innovative way? Are those playbooks even still relevant?

This has been a topic that has weighed heavily on my own heart due to my passion for the industry, and a feeling of helplessness to contribute while I've been “benched.” I thought it only fitting to connect with a local director of banquets, who’s back in the game after several months of furlough and a property transition. Chris Andaur, from the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, offered insights and advice for preparing to get into the endzone.

5 Game Plays Hotel Banquet Leaders Should Adopt

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