Date Night In Your Dining Room

6 Style Tips For Setting Your Romantic Valentines Table

ORLANDO, Fla-By the time Valentines Day floats around this year, it's likely that many people will opt out of the traditional date night concept of going out to a fancy restaurant to swoon at one another from opposite sides of the table. The current pandemic conditions coupled with personal comfort levels for outings is of course the driving factor for rethinking how to celebrate this year. A lot more preparation and research are involved with finding a restaurant that still has reservations available, as well as understanding their modified service levels and menus. A decision has to be made if this is the year to navigate all of these details,

Is it really worth spending the time and money, or do you just stay home?

Everyone's circumstances are unique, and for those that decide the holiday is worthy of the experience, then I say cheers to your bravery, love, and thank you for supporting your local restaurants.

However for those that decide on a cozy night in, think about getting innovative, and bring your own private dining experience to life at home. Whether you cook as a couple, or order carry-out, sharing a romantic dinner can easily be created in our own homes by setting a personalized and romantic Valentine’s table.

So how do you set the scene? A little bit of pre-planning is still required if you don't typically keep certain elements in your house. It's important to "inventory" now what you do/don't have to work with so on February 14th you are not rushing to a store. By "shopping" your own home, and partnering with a local table design specialty shop, such as R Table Studio in Orlando, you can grab everything you need for a thoughtful and custom tablescape.

Rosalba Toribio, the owner of R Table Studio, started her businesses in 2020 after being furloughed from her hospitality career and realizing there was a gap in the table design space for the everyday consumer. Her brand is designed around offering collections and custom pieces that can be reinvented throughout the year, mixed and matched, and blended with elements you already own. As an H&F Redefined Innovator and a new entrepreneur, her services offer approachable solutions to set tables that feel special to you as a host and for your guests.

Here are a few pro-tips she has crafted offering step by step advice to set you up for success on the holiday for love.

6 Step Guide For Setting Your Romantic Valentines Table

1.) "Dress" Up Your Table for the Occasion, With Table Linens:

Take out those fancy linens you have stored away for special occasions, celebrating LOVE is a special occasion. Give your table a clean elegant look by dressing it up with a classic solid white or solid red tablecloth to give yourself a blank canvas to build from. You can also use a runner down the center of your table to add to the romantic look. Use what you have.

2.) Create a Romantic Atmosphere, by Incorporating Candles:

Adding candles to your table immediately creates an ambiance that feels romantic and warm to help set the mood. The twinkling light of the candle flame, helps us feel relaxed and comfortable. It's recommended to use taper candles, which emit a more than romantic look and are also trending right now.

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