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This company will give your house the 5-star hotel treatment

For Eduardo and Daniela Pino, waiting for whatever was to come next was not an option. With two little ones at home and both parents receiving unexpected news about their jobs, they had to think fast. “When my husband and I were both furloughed, everything changed. We could sit down and wait for whatever was to come next or get up and do something,” Daniela said, co-founder of Upgrade Cleaning Solutions (UCS).

They’ve always had an idea for some kind of home services business that encompasses upscale residential and commercial cleaning at the core, with the added benefit of other common home needs such as pool care and professional organizing. So when they got furloughed, they didn’t need much convincing to start their business. After extensive research and a lot of brainstorming, UCS was born.

“Our saying is ‘Everything your home needs in just one place,’” said Eduardo, co-founder of UCS. “Being homeowners ourselves, we know how hard managing different contractors can be for basic services, such as cleaning, pool, and lawn care, for example. USC strives to provide great quality and customer service from the beginning until the end of each project and most importantly, in one single place.”

So what helped prepare this married couple to take on their own business venture? A combined total of 35 years in the hospitality business. “I’ve been a senior event manager for the past eight years and believe me, after working in this area for so many years, you are ready for any challenge,” Daniela explained. “In that job, you always have to find creative solutions and have good plans in place. I believe that this flexibility that you must have when working in events helped me when things started to change.”

As for Eduardo, he believes a combination of his MBA and his years of experience in sales has set him up to lead the sales and marketing side of the company. “My eight years of experience handling domestic and international customers prepared me to become a well-rounded salesperson,” Eduardo said. “And now, I am helping my business to generate leads and creating first-class relationships with our clients.”

In addition to building strong client relationships, they’ve also spent time researching the industry and trying to pinpoint ways to make homeowners' lives easier. But, according to Eduardo and Daniela, the most important factor in launching a new business has nothing to do with the business itself.

“The biggest tip we have for entrepreneurs is to have patience,” they said. “Be confident and learn with your mistakes... but do not give up!”

Follow UCS on Instagram @upgrade.cs or on their website www.upgradecleaningsolutions.com


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