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Could hotel skeleton staffing levels offer freelancers the opportunity to help shape the future?

It’s hard to believe that in just two months we’ll be embarking upon the anniversary of the hospitality industry getting dismantled due to the effects of COVID-19. Not exactly an anniversary to celebrate, is it? I guess that depends on perspective though, as many individuals have risen from the ashes, focused on personal development, and have possibly started new ventures where they are the boss now. Consider “freelancer” and “consultant” a few of your first 2021 buzzwords.

Despite the hardship that hotels are facing from a business perspective or the pause that organizations have had to embrace with their meeting and convention programming, it’s inspiring to know that being forced to shut down, or losing a job, has in many ways granted opportunity for ALL.

However, are we prepared for a shake-up in deployment and organizational charts to reap the benefits? As an industry, we should address those areas sooner than later, and make it a priority to commit to restructuring within our hotels, because progress is worth celebrating. There is also a sea of people—freelancers—eager to help take it on...

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