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How to Stay Motivated During an Unpredictable Era

5 Easy and Approachable Tips For Staying On Track Every Day, from Angela Hayward of AA Events and Travel

"This is something that most people are struggling with right now, especially those that are working from home"-Angela Hayward

UNITED KINGDOM-We asked one of our Light Bulb Moment Innovators, Angela Hayward, Independent Travel Agent, to offer her professional insight on how to overcome the ever daunting challenge of staying motivated day after day. Whether you are building a business, working remotely, or just trying to adjust to life after furlough or lay-off, these approachable tips are a great reminder for how to get the day going and be productive.

1.) Dress for the Day

Even if you work from home. Put on your office workwear, have a set start and finish time as if you were going out to an office, this will get you into a work mindset straight away.

2.) Have a Schedule

Create a daily checklist and tick off as you go along, then end the day with a 'to-do list' for the following day. You will feel a great amount of achievement when your list is all ticked!

3.) Step Away

Always make sure you move away from your desk for breaks and for lunch. Go for a 20-minute walk to refresh yourself and get ready for the afternoon.

4.) Find Your Positivity Tribe

Have a circle of positive people around you who believe in what you are doing.

5.) Be Accountable

Set yourself goals and create a plan to stay accountable. Link in with a colleague to talk through your goals, and ask them to check in with you on a weekly basis to see where you are with your goals. This really makes you keep on track and pushes you to overachieve.

To learn more about how Angela got started as an Independent Travel agent, after a 38 year career in hospitality working for other entities, check out her Light Bulb Moment interview. She is truly inspiring us all how to redefine.