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How to Succeed in Business With 6 Easy Tips

Brenda A. Torres, Publisher at South Orlando Lifestyle, Provides Her Best Business Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Over recent months it has been incredibly common for side hustles to flourish into full-time businesses, for new products to hit the market, and for many professionals to redefine their careers. The sudden boom in entrepreneurship is a direct result of the pandemic. When businesses closed, people lost their jobs, some temporarily, some permanently. Whether it be from a 2020 furlough or lay-off, one thing is clear, there are thousands of people who will not allow the professional hardship they faced last year to define who they are.

Brenda Torres is one of those professionals who were affected by the pandemic lay-offs of 2020. However, instead of sitting back and waiting for a call that may never come, Brenda decided to follow her dreams of becoming a publisher to be able to share stories from the community that she loves so much. Previously in hospitality marketing, now she is the proud franchise owner and Publisher for South Orlando Lifestyle magazine and is ready to provide other entrepreneurs with six easy tips on how to succeed in business.

Here's what she said.

How to Succeed in Business With These 6 Easy Tips

1.) Take the shot now

You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Take the shot now, right when that dream pops into your head. If Brenda had waited to reinvent herself after hearing again from her employer, she would have been three months behind in the franchise “exploration” stage. She started working on her dream in July of 2020. She was later informed, in October 2020, that she was being laid off permanently. By that time, she had already partnered with one-third of the required threshold to publish her first issue!

2.) Give by design

It is amazing how you earn more by giving first. Brenda had been disconnected from the circle of professional friends who own small businesses and thrive on networking, as she had been “consumed” by the corporate world. To reconnect, she started by gifting her years of talent in branding, as well as offering marketing makeovers. This led to a number of invitations to networking groups and quick referrals for her magazine. Power is in numbers. Give first, receive a second.

"It is amazing how you earn more by giving first."- Brenda

3.) You don’t know what you don’t know until you know you didn’t know it

Yup, our world is full of new learning every day. The bottom line, no one knows it all. We learn more by listening more, and opening up our disposition to new opportunities. Brenda had been great at storytelling, but truth be told she had never been a magazine publisher. By being excited and open to learning, she learned a whole new trade in less than six

months. Brenda met her required partnership threshold by March 2021.

4.) Never too late to pivot, reinvent, redefine, or restart

Humility is key here. Learn enough to get going. Wait --- start right away as you are learning. Be humble enough to say, “I am starting something new, yet excited to quickly learn right away.” You will be surprised how a great network wants to see you succeed. It’s crazy, but Brenda has felt more fulfillment this time around than many other milestones prior. Good people do build and celebrate other people. Surround yourself with good people.

5.) Embrace the power of “no”

The type of “no" that you own and then block out of your mind and thoughts. You will be happy to know that this is a challenging one for many. Yet, this “no” is powerful and significant for professional and social growth. Keep your eyes and ears open to the following deserving of “no’s,” like toxic people, time wasters, time consumers, hindering tasks, vision cripplers, and dream killers. Just kindly say “no” and don’t justify it. Just move on and stick to your vision.

6.) Check your spelling

Really, what we mean is, use a friendlier language that is effective and non-corporate-stuffy. For example, instead of client-partner.

Instead of the problem - challenge.

Instead of a sale - solution.

Find words in your industry and “check your spelling,” chances are that there are nicer words that others will love you for.

For more insight from Brenda check out her Light Bulb Moment article and visit South Orlando Lifestyle.


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