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Back to Basics: 5 Tips to Consider That Will Strengthen Your Sales Skills

Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to pick the brain of an industry executive in your field? Regardless of how approachable they might be, it can feel a bit intimidating to ask those burning questions. For hoteliers, the sales managers at each property are continuously looking for new resources and tools to set them up for success to close their next piece of business. It's not often they have the opportunity to individually sit and connect with their corresponding regional or executive leader to gain hyper-focused insight on new approaches or honing in their skills.

Jennifer Daudi, an H&F Redefined Innovator, and CEO of Invigorate Hospitality created a consulting business with this exact notion in mind. Previously, as the VP of Sales and Marketing of a large hotel management company, she's channeled her executive-level headspace and has crafted a solution-based brand where she is injecting her wisdom into various hotel sales markets.

“I think as a successful salesperson, you know how to hit the ground running, with not a lot to go on. This has now helped me in prospecting for business for my own company,” -Jennifer

We asked Jennifer to provide a few tricks of the trade that she's adopted over the years that reflect the core of who she is, and the guidance she offers each of her clients.

5 Tips to Consider That Will Strengthen Your Sales Skills

1. Always be curious

A successful salesperson is naturally curious. A non-curious salesperson believes that he or she knows the answers, while a curious salesperson keeps digging until they have the full picture.

2. Be comfortable with silence

As humans, we are uncomfortable with silence in conversations. When speaking with prospects we often pitch to them and feel the need to fill the silence with more talking. Sometimes people need time to process what you have told them, or think about who you really need to talk to. After you introduce yourself and state your pitch, count to five in your head and give the person on the other end some time to think. You’ll be amazed at the success with silence.

3. Make an effort to connect

In today’s world, we are so rushed to make calls and get straight to the point. Take time to get to know the person you are talking to. If you make an effort to truly connect with someone, you are more likely to close the sale.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t measure your success against what others are doing

Comparing yourself to others in any capacity is always damaging. Stay focused on your goals and look ahead. Remember that you can only control your life, and what you do. Don’t waste energy focusing on others.

5. Pick up the phone

Let’s face it, we live in a virtual world. We operate on emails and Zoom calls. How many emails a day do you ignore, or simply delete because you aren’t interested? Picking up the phone and connecting with someone to build a relationship is key. Set goals for yourself each day to make a set number of connected calls by a certain time. Long ago I learned the rule of 10 calls before 10 am. Give it a try, and you’ll have success.

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