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Meet Rosse Aleman... she's the founder and baker behind La Vie En Rosse cakes out of Orlando, Florida. Since leaving the airline industry due to the pandemic, Rosse has set her sights on designing and baking luxury cakes. La vie en Rosse, is a clever play on the French saying "life in the pink," or "life seen through happy lenses" and in this case, through Rosse's lenses. Rosse is a third-generation baker and gets her inspiration (and family recipes) from her grandmother and aunt. Today she is baking cakes for all occasions including birthday celebrations, weddings, and sporting events.

H&F: Please describe your career prior to this venture.

Rosse: Prior to this venture I worked for JetBlue airways for 2 years and a half. I enjoyed traveling and exploring. When the pandemic happened it affected the airline industry hard. I then decided to start my own business venture and have a thing I can call my own, that's when LVER [La vie en Rosse] was born.

H&F: How has your career prepared you for what is next?

Rosse: My career has prepared me with having good customer service skills to give the best service possible in any venture I decide to follow in life.

H&F: Tell us about how you have redefined yourself. Describe your project, business, brand and/or platform.

Rosse: My grandmother Carmen is the one that has blessed us with the talent and the business. My aunt Enid pushed me to believe in myself and open my own business for years. Until last year I was somewhat reserved or doing it. I always ask myself, if I had started sooner where would I be today? But I’m happy and blessed to have started and giving it my all. My husband is the creative mind behind the name, branding, and design. He basically gave a color palette, designed a logo for my company and from there everything has evolved. I feel very blessed to have family that supports me and pushes me to be better every day.

" I always ask myself, if I had started sooner where would I be today?" - Rosse

H&F: When/how did you get that light bulb moment to start this brand?

Rosse: At the begging of 2020 I had started making creations but just small ones. Then my husband Diego gave me the name and after that everything had evolved so quick. When people kept ordering and giving me great reviews that gave me the spark to keep going.

H&F: Tell us something unique about your brand.

Rosse: The unique thing about it I would say is the passion to be unique. I always think of new ways to stand out and deliver something amazing to every customer from taste to flavor and decor technique.

H&F: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Rosse: My designs from many ways inspire me. I like to sketch and research days ahead, of different ideas and elements that can be used for any occasion custom cake.

H&F: What encouraging advice would you offer someone unsure about starting their own venture?

Rosse: Go for it always, give it your all. If it works you’ll be glad you did, if it doesn’t at least you tried. But never look back in life and say what if I would of?

Follow Rosse on Instagram @lavieenrossecakes and on Facebook, La vie en Rosse Cakes


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