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In this day and age building and maintaining business relationships can be quite challenging. With more people working remote and fewer opportunities to make in person sales calls, sales professionals are searching for creative ways to make connections.

For Shannon Orme, Founder of Pivot Consulting Group, LLC, building client relationships has always been one of her foundational pillars. Long before the 2020 pandemic, Shannon used LinkedIn as a tool to connect with her clients. In doing so, over time she picked up tools and trades of the popular B2B social site, which she applies now in her business. She uses a positive and authentic approach to help businesses or individuals grow their brands online. We asked Shannon a series of questions on her business and picked her brain on how maximize your online business presence. Here's what she said:

H&F: Please describe your career before this venture.

Shannon: Twenty-three years in the hospitality industry with most of my time in sales for a full-service US Destination Management Company. What does that mean? I sold the “FUN” for meetings and events, creating and designing memorable experiences from awards dinners, tours, off-site events, and more. When a client asked for a “WOW Event” that was my sweet spot.

H&F: Tell us about how you have redefined yourself. Describe your project, business, brand, and/or platform.

Shannon: Pivot Consulting Group is a full-service consulting company able to build authentic brands on social media. Reimagining goals and objectives with out-of-the-box creative and strategic thinking are the focus of any PCG project. I utilize my years of award-winning sales experience, creativity, and customer service to help others cultivate and build a brand on social media, specifically LinkedIn. Encouraging people to utilize a positive authentic networking approach along the way. Most people are comfortable at networking in person but freeze when it comes to networking online. My services span from educational workshops, one on one consulting, public speaking all with the focus and drive to meet and exceed client’s expectations and goals for any B2B business.

H&F: What is something unique about your business?

Shannon: Every client works with me one on one. We collaborate and I encourage you to pivot through a different lens with creativity, and a strategic evaluation.

H&F: What does it take to be a LinkedIn Specialist?

Shannon: Daily research and time and course work from LinkedIn Learning.

"We are all better together when we continue to build one another up." - Shannon

H&F: Is there any social media advice you would share with someone starting a new business?

Shannon: Be authentic in your writing and video content.

H&F: How can someone get over their fear of public speaking?

Shannon: Have a conversation instead of reading every word you have written.

H&F: What hurdles have you had to overcome that you did not anticipate in the beginning?

Shannon: What the fundamentals of starting a new business were. I knew sales, but the nuts and bolts behind it all were a huge learning curve for me.

H&F: Please tell us about any future plans you have for the business.

Shannon: Building my speaking engagements sharing that a pivot in your life can be your next best adventure. I’d love to start to write my book on the positive power of a Pivot.

H&F: What encouraging advice would you offer someone still trying to find their next move post-lay-off?

Shannon: Fear of what is next can become debilitating. Addressing the challenge before it comes is the best “ready” you can be.

H&F: Anything else you want to share?

Shannon: I strive to live by these words personally and professionally every day. “We are all better together when we continue to build one another up.”

Follow Shannon at pivotconsulting.group.com and on LinkedIn and watch her on the H&F Redefined online show, Brand New Day.


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