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“Times are tough, but have faith in yourselves and know you can do great things if you just try!” - Mimi Carter, CEO and Principal, MIMEEZ Designs, LLC

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Four years ago, Mimi Carter started on her complete home renovation. She tackled one room at a time, as her busy schedule allowed, and designed each room with passion and heart. She finished the project this year and completing it was not only rewarding for Mimi but led her to a light bulb moment that changed the course of her career path.

Mimi had a thriving career in hotel sales before the pandemic started. She was the Director of Sales at a San Francisco hotel and had experience working in various hotels over the course of 20 years. In May, Mimi was furloughed from her job and found herself with a lot more free time to explore her passion for interior design.

“I have always loved doing home interior design,” Mimi said. “I did it as a hobby for friends and family for over 10 years [but] could never make the time to start my own business prior to the pandemic.”

Not wanting to wait for someone else to create her destiny, Mimi decided she was going to capitalize on the time she had and her transferable skills set she’s acquired over the years and start her own interior design business, she calls MIMEEZ Designs, LLC.

“To me, this time has been a blessing…it has forced me out of my ‘very’ comfort zone in hotels and really take the leap into another passion in my life,” Mimi explained. The day I decided I wanted to do this, I started researching. It took me less than a month to develop my website, social media, licensing, and launch!”

With a little encouragement from her husband, Mimi set a goal for herself to launch her business by mid-October, and by October 17th MIMEEZ Designs, LLC was officially opened for business.

“It has been exciting and scary at the same time. When I feel anxious, I have to consciously remind myself to take a breath and believe in myself,” Mimi shared. “My family is also super supportive, so that is so helpful for my mental state.”

With a desire to find harmony and balance in your home, Mimi’s areas of expertise include design development and feng shui consulting. She also takes a lot of pride in being true to herself and to her clients.

“I take integrity very seriously,” Mimi said. “The business has humbled me more. I had a client ask about my education, credentials and I just had to be honest and let her know that I just started and that I am passionate about helping others bring their visions to life.”

In her first month of business, she put her sales skills to work, started networking with realtors, and followed up on every lead. All of her planning and tenacity is paying off as Mimi secured three projects within weeks of launching her company.

For now, Mimi is focusing on residential homes in the Bay area. Her mission is to “create with passion to help others design their space and be amazed with the outcome.”

Follow Mimi at www.mimeezdesigns.com on Facebook MIMEEZ Designs, or on Yelp Mimeez Designs San Francisco


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