It could have been "Failure to Launch" without OUR essential workers

We did it!

After months of planning, researching, and troubleshooting we finally launched H&F Redefined and successfully pushed our website into cyberspace. As we wrap up an exciting first two weeks of getting this brand off the ground, we would be remiss if we did not properly convey our enormous gratitude to the people who helped us get to this point.

We went into this passion project with zero to limited experience in various aspects of the process, with nothing more than a beacon of light at the end guiding us toward our vision. Together, as we’ve always done, navigating each pothole and speed bump along the way.

However, despite starting the project together, there have been times when we had to call in our lifelines and “phone a friend” for expert guidance or just plain emotional support.

These individuals are our essential workers, the ones that have stood by us, believed in us, and offered coaching or tips of the trade when needed.

Thank you to our parents that believe in us, encouraged us, and slowly but surely figured out how to hit the share and thumbs up buttons on social media.

Thank you to our husbands that have watched us obsess about building and designing a website for months on end, probably secretly wondering “when is she going to start applying for jobs.” They bit their tongues when we’ve had expenses and have offered guidance when asked.

And we can’t forget about launch night... They tag-teamed helping to make our launch night a celebration while one slaved in the kitchen making Chef Vinny’s elotes polenta bowls from scratch, and the other chased the kids around keeping them occupied with baseball and football We also now have polenta for days!!

Thank you to our inside editors, you know who you are, that have taken countless hours of their days to review, edit, re-review, proof again, troubleshoot the website all pro bono. You’ve helped polish our voice and get our message out the way it was intended.

Thank you to our kids, who quite frankly provide non-stop content to write about and force deep self-reflection every day.

Thank you to @thebrandedbosslady for dedicating an entire afternoon to capturing professional images of us as a team.

Thank you to @yarebeauty for fixing Laura's “cheetah” hair (stay tuned on that story) allowing confidence to shine through on photoshoot day.

Finally, thank you to our INNOVATORS. You inspire us every day and each of your stories reminds us why we started this brand & showcase concept. You’ve also each taught us a new trick or tip to help us, and we appreciate the feeling of comradery we’ve found with you thus far. Can’t wait to expand the club!


Things we Hart, a few things that set us up for success

HP Envy Laptop & HP Envy Printer

Starting over with new equipment!

Ardell Wispie Lashes

For that DIY photoshoot day glam

All-Clad Cookware

For perfectly prepared polenta bowls

Food Lover’s Companion

Our everyday foodie reference guide


Because we have an entire blog about it and want you to try it!

Kendra Scott Emerald Stud Earrings

Laura's photoshoot and H&F signature earrings