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5 Pieces of Brand Building Advice, Every "Maker" Should Listen To

Starting a new business for anyone is arguably a daunting process. It can be overwhelming to think about all of the minutia involved with getting the vision off the ground. For many, developing the concept is not the hard part, it's facing the fear and deciding to officially pull the trigger. Entrepreneurs that have a service-based business have it a bit easier considering there is no true tangible product to produce, manufacture or handcraft, yet the ability to launch can still feel cumbersome.

So, imagine what a maker is up against! We're talking about someone who is truly designing, curating, and crafting every piece in addition to being business-minded.

In our "Brand Breakthru" article featuring Carissa Notto of Picking Posies Design, we learned a bit more about the personal journey of an established designer and how her brand has evolved into what it has become today.

"I think when we start out we want to have our voice established right away. I know if you look at my social media it may look like I found my voice right away – but it took me such a long time. I started Picking Posies Design back in 2018 making gold foil wall art, wood signs, and iron ons for baby onesies! I had NO idea what I wanted to do or who I was. It wasn’t until I stopped being afraid of trying and failing that I found what story I wanted to tell."- Notto

Carissa also mentions how difficult it is to learn the ins and outs of things like building a website, keeping up with social media, sourcing materials, testing quality, and even figuring out taxes. However, now that she has found her groove, she's offered up a few pro-tips and industry insights that other "makers" are sure to benefit from.

5 Pieces of Brand Building Advice, Every "Maker" Should Listen To

1. Don’t be afraid to fail:

Failures are a part of the learning process – don’t be afraid of them! You will learn so much and grow even faster the more you fail!

2. Use Google and YouTube:

There are so many amazing resources out there! Sometimes we overthink things and forget the magic of Google searches and YouTube makers!

3. Buy enough to experiment, but don’t feel like you have to buy it all:

Definitely make sure you get what you need to experiment, but do not think you have to have a ton of money to make it happen, and do not invest heavily into a craft until you know you love it! For clay, you can literally start with a bar of clay, a wine bottle + popsicle sticks to roll it out, and playdoh or cookie cutters to make shapes!

4. Use Pinterest and other makers as inspiration, but don’t forget to find your own voice:

Finding your voice as a designer is a huge part of the experimenting process. Pinterest and Instagram are amazing tools for inspiration, but beware how much you look at – make sure you are inspired by and not copying another artist.

5. Know when to be a perfectionist:

Perfection can be hard to ignore, but when you’re experimenting with a new process or medium, don’t force yourself into perfection (or at least not right away!) Give yourself grace and be patient. Once you begin to refine a method, that’s when you can start to dial up the perfection – but also know nothing in this world will ever ever ever truly be PERFECT!

"There’s no better way to figure out who you are and what you enjoy until you just begin. It’s going to take a lot of learning, a lot of trial and error, but in the end, you’ll just know when you’ve found what makes your heart sing"
-Carissa Notto

To learn more about the story behind the brand for Picking Posies Design, read the full article here


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