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5 International Culinary Experiences to Enjoy NOW!

Take it from Karolina Guilcapi, founder and owner of Sated Ventures, "every country has something delicious to offer," so naming the best place to visit with the most popular culinary scene may be easier said than done. Karolina has traveled all over the world, and has recorded some of her favorite destinations for foodies! Luckily, she was up for the challenge to select her top five must visit international location for lovers of travel, food and experiences.

Here's what she said:

5 Must Visit International Locations for Foodies

1. Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

Ever tasted freshly roasted coffee amongst ancient tortoises? There is a little farm here where you can watch coffee tenderly cared for, from bean to your cup.

South African Safari

2. South Africa’s Kruger Park

Game drives to see the Big Five are unforgettable, but sundowner drinks on safari followed by a boma dinner around a fire will elevate the experience!

3. Guatemala’s Antigua

A charming town with three volcanoes looming over it is home to a magical little candy shop where we can create traditional indigenous confections.

4. Cambodia’s Siem Reap

Imagine spending the day climbing the Tomb Raider-like-temples and ruins then arriving at your jungle restaurant for lunch. Elevated platforms surrounded by lunch greenery. Colorful hammocks and plush pillows to lounge on. Fried goodness arriving plate after plate, then sticky mango rice and fresh juices for dessert.

Petra, Jordan

5. Jordan’s Petra

Luxury camping in the desert, a sky filled with stars. Aromatic tea poured around a fire by a Bedoiun tribe member. Sheep bleating in the dark, as someone strums on a guitar. A surprise dinner cooked in an underground oven - tender lamb, fragrant rice, figs sticky with honey.

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